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Brand Ambassador tips

With over 8 years of experience working hands on with a variety of companies, we are now proud to share our tips to being a brand ambassador that truly stands out!

We are now going to share some juicy tips with you so you can be the top Brand Ambassador in your area! There are a variety of ambassador positions from digital marketing, trade show promotions, demo executions and so on. We will be discussing a few overall tips that fit most or all positions. Enjoy.


Let's get to it then.

1. Promote your PASSION.


You probably hear this a lot but it is true.. promote what you believe in and drives you. Yes, not every product might not be your passion-project but you should not be promoting bacon if you are a vegan. You should be able to shine your enthusiasm and truth to consumers and once they feel your passion for whatever you are promoting... you can say hello to more sales!

2. Feel Out the Consumer. 


This is more of a personality trait that might be hard for some to obtain, if I am being realistic. For instance, have you ever encountered a brand ambassador who is talking and pushing you WAY too much when you are in a rush or not feeling like talking at the moment, therefore, no matter what they say next you wouldn't buy anything from them anyway because of the nerves building up? It is uncomfortable! Feeling out your consumers and environment as you are working directly with others is an easy and sometimes overlooked task. Recognize if you need to listen more, back off more, be more intriguing, more laid back, more professional or more interactive. Connecting with consumers directly on their level can help them understand that you are there for them. They will then enjoy connecting with you too!

3. Create a Story. 


There is something about captivating stories that will always stay in my mind. They are intriguing, interesting to share and just nice to listen to. Creating and telling a good story can be a great way to have others remember you and to share a memory that might connect well with another. It is also fun sharing stories with others!


4. Be your Best Self. 


When you are hired as a brand ambassador for a company, you are now representing their brand aka their baby. Be your best self when you are promoting a company or a product. You were hired for a reason and it is now your duty to carry that responsibility. It is an incredible opportunity so why not shine! Every single positive interaction or view made from being a brand ambassador will benefit your hired company, their families and their hard work. It will also help you advance your career, add a great reference to your resume and give you work ethics. Any negative interaction can cause consumers to form a negative opinion on the entire company. So be your best self because much reward awaits!

5. Keep Up with Trends. 


Whether you like it or not, keeping up with trends can be KEY in your success as a brand ambassador, especially if you are working on digital marketing platforms. Know what is selling and what is not. Keep learning and talking to your target demographics and community about what is in. Does your product only sell during certain seasons? Can you create your own trend that will blow up on TikTok? Trends are constantly changing but this is a great mental exercise to expand your marketing expertise. 

6. Have a Good Time!


Even though I work very hard almost every single day, when I am out in the field working or posting on social media I truly do have a good time and that does shine onto others. People want to be around others who are positive and outgoing so just having a good time can really attract a buyer (or a few). This does not mean to be irresponsible, careless, etc.... it means to do your job well while also enjoying yourself. Why not?

I hope some of these tips and tricks can help you get grooving towards being one of the best brand ambassadors in your area! Keep working hard, learning and being your best self and you will see how much you can attract (it is endless!).

If you have any questions or would like some more information regarding being a brand ambassador, please reach out via email or through our social media platforms. Cheers friends!

By Shelby Koutas.

May 18th, 2020