Krystal Lee

Co-founder | CEO


Meet our Co-Founder of Team Talent, Krystal, who resides in the Midwest, however, travels around the globe and is enriched in experiences. Krystal has been active in the marketing industry for over 7 years working directly with experiential and digital marketing. Krystal has fulfilled numerous roles in the marketing industry ranging from brand ambassador to marketing director, all providing a continuous ladder of growth and versatility. During her free time, Krystal can be found fishing as a multi-species angler, traveling, practicing yoga and doing all things outdoors such as hiking, camping, kayaking & snowboarding. 

Shelby Koutas

Co-founder | CEO

Meet our Co-founder and CEO, Shelby, who has been in the marketing industry for over 6 years working at various types of special events around the nation while earning a multitude of positions from market manager, team lead, event coordinator, brand ambassador and promotional model. She takes pride managing every single event, no matter what duty she has, with hard work, passion and dedication to best service all parties. She specializes in customer services, consumer relations, marketing management, event productions and data analysis. When she is not working you can find her doing yoga, hiking the mountains out West, dispersed camping on National forest lands, fishing the Midwest, kayaking or bow hunting. 

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